Sitka Technology Group

Don Daugherty

Senior Software Architect

Senior Software Architect

Don's passion for computers started the moment he first laid eyes on one. His first computer was a Commodore VIC 20 which he spent hundreds of hours on learning everything he could. Thirty-five years later, he still possesses the same passion for technology, and the fire is fueled more every day by the swift pace of technology and learning opportunities. 

Early in Don's career, he realized that he loved building business solutions more than websites or video games; he was drawn to databases, logistics, accounting, and all things that make the business world tick. His first large project was designing and building a complete end-to-end manufacturing system for Morrow Snowboards that tracked a product from raw materials to end consumer.

Uniquely skilled at adapting to new paradigms, Don moves quickly and easily across languages, operating systems, and technology architectures. He has a proven track record of delivering technology services from datacenter infrastructure, compute, networking, operating system, platform virtualization, development, operationalization, maintenance, and support.

On a personal note, Don loves dogs. He currently has a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Ezra who he claims is much smarter than him! Besides dogs, he is also passionate about motorcycles, photography, and photographing motorcycles. Recently, he has begun flying UAVs and learning aerial photography/cinematography. 

His wife worked for the Forest Service for 14 years in field research. They share a love for our natural resources and are grateful to live in the Pacific Northwest. He stated that, "joining Sitka gives me the opportunity to do what I love with technology while helping conserve our lands for our own enjoyment as well as future generations."