Sitka Technology Group

Paul Clayton

Business & Data Analyst

Business & Data Analyst
(503) 808-1218

Fishing and fisheries have been a focal point of Paul’s life since an early age. His first full-time job was aboard a commercial gillnetter in Port Moller, Alaska, and his most recent position–prior to joining Sitka–was aboard the F/V Silver Kris out of Dillingham, Alaska. As a result, he sadly now struggles with the pace and catch limit confinements of sport fishing.

In between his stints at sea, Paul earned a B.S. in Economics from University of Washington. He has worked for over a decade as a database developer at several technology startups and served as the database manager for the Alaska Salmon Program. His affinity for managing data even had a hand in bringing him to Portland, thanks to on an exaggeratedly complex spreadsheet which contended the Rose City was a perfect fit for him.

Paul lives in Scappoose aboard a floating home with his partner, two cats, and a new puppy who has only fallen in the river once. He enjoys rescuing wooden boats and is currently rebuilding a 14 foot lapstrake dory. He also enjoys kayaking, soccer, and a good game of chess.