Sitka Technology Group

Rebecca Jacobsen

Senior Developer

Senior Developer

Rebecca enjoys writing software which serves people doing good environmental work. Her goal is to help restore and enhance the natural environment that supports all life on earth. She comes to Sitka from Oregon Department of Environmental Quality where she worked on software to allow motorists to get their auto emission test results via the web. She loves technology and believes it can help us manage the world with wisdom and careful attention to detail. She believes an iterative approach to software development helps us meet the most important client needs and delivers software in a high quality and timely fashion. 

She earned her bachelor of science in computer science from Oregon State University and Master's degree in Public Administration, environmental and natural resources track, from Boise State University where she specialized in local and regional policy implementation. Rebecca also spent a semester in Denmark at Roskilde University studying Technological and Socioeconomic Planning where she studied water resources as they relate to energy and social systems.

Rebecca currently resides in SE Portland with her husband and three kids. She enjoys singing, hiking, and photography. She is a past president of Boise Cooperative Preschool which is run by parents to benefit children.