Sitka Technology Group


April 17, 2017

BLM to Implement Landscape Approach to More Effectively Work with Partners

Earlier this year, USGS, in partnership with BLM, released a lengthy report on how BLM is implementing a landscape approach to resource management to more effectively work with partners and better understand the effects of management decisions. As outlined in the report, a landscape approach is a “set of concepts and principles used to guide resource management when multiple stakeholders are involved and goals include diverse and sustainable social, environmental, and economic outcomes.” More

April 5, 2017

We're Moving On Up ... Sixth Avenue!

After nearly nine years in our original office space at the historic Wells Fargo Building, our all-company meetings had become “standing-room only” affairs. While this is by design for our weekly stand-ups, it had proven rather taxing for our monthly team lunches, quarterly company updates, and frequent customer meetings. More

February 16, 2017

Our Take On RRNW 2017

This year Damon, Keith, and I enjoyed the talks in the big room and conversations in the halls and over meals. Hearing about what folks in the Pacific Northwest and around the country are doing to help conserve and restore rivers gives us additional context with which to evolve and improve the tools and systems we build. More

January 31, 2017

Warm Sun, Friendly People, and Some Interesting Critters

While the rest of Portland was figuring out how to survive a couple of inches of snow, I flew across the continent and then took a short hop over to Cuba! Officially, it was for educational and journalistic activities. Since protecting and exploring the world is important to me, I jumped at the opportunity to visit Cuba with a friend from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Our primary goal was to experience the Cuban culture and its natural environment. More

January 18, 2017

Happy to be Dealt into ACES 2016

Lucky for me, it wasn’t a high stakes hold ‘em tournament but rather an inspiring gathering of folks trying to fundamentally change the way we do conservation. A Community for Ecosystem Services (ACES) is a conference that happens every two years. More

January 10, 2017

Science at Sitka: A Look into My PhD Research

I started working as a developer at Sitka in September. In October, I took a few days of vacation to relax by the beach. Just kidding, I actually took a few days off to defend my PhD at Yale University. Just before the New Year, I printed and mailed my final dissertation, capping off six years of dedicated research. More

December 16, 2016

Spreading Cheer for the Holidays

Wednesday’s snowstorm hit Portland just as we were unloading our supplies at Cityteam Ministries. While we were peeling potatoes, stirring the roux, cleaning lettuce, and slicing the ham, the snow continued to pile up outside. Due to the freezing temperatures, the area homeless had been welcomed indoors before dinner to help them stay warm. We served our first meal at 5:15 and our last at 6. More than 150 people were served that night, and we hope they enjoyed it. More

December 13, 2016

Our Sitka FlightPath Program with Columbia Land Trust Gets Some Great Coverage in Saving Land Magazine

In the article, High-Tech Way to See a Swamp, Ian Sinks from Columbia Land Trust shared, “It’s clear that digital terrain models from UAV flights offer an efficient and reasonably accurate way to monitor and measure changes on our lands. It’s a brave new world for land stewardship professionals, where today’s rapidly evolving technologies are helping restore natural habitats of the presettlement past.” More

November 22, 2016

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Removes Hurdles Between Data and Their Constituents

Our clients at the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) are working to remove hurdles between relevant data and their constituents. TRPA is responsible for tracking development and issuing permits for properties in their jurisdiction. Like many agencies, they have rooms filled with paper. As part of their goal to organize data and make it more accessible, they partnered with Sitka to build a Parcel-tracking system within the Lake Tahoe Info platform. This system, available at, allows property owners and potential buyers to see the development rights on a piece of property with a simple click of a button. More