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Behind the Camera at the Oregon APA & ISOCARP 53rd Annual Congress

Last month, Sitka participated in a panel at the joint ISOCARP and Oregon APA Conference on “Small Communities.” Our Wednesday morning panel focused on how the Sitka-built and supported Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) Project Tracker is being leveraged by other multi-agency organizations, like the Clackamas Partnership and 18 California Resource Conservation Districts, to increase data collection efficiency and program transparency via the ProjectFirma platform


The panel featured Jeanne McNamara from Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Brittany Jensen from Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District, and John Burns and Matt Deniston from Sitka. If you didn’t attend our panel, I recorded it so you can “virtually” experience it at your leisure. If you’re specifically interested in learning more about the EIP Project Tracker, I recommend checking out Jeanne’s section, or if you’d rather hear a first-hand experience of rolling out a new instance of ProjectFirma … I encourage you to watch Brittany’s 7-minute clip

Finally, if you have your own question that wasn’t asked and answered in the recorded Q&A … shoot them my way. I’m here to help!

To learn more about the panel and access all of the recordings, click here.

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