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Conservation Coaches Network - Rally 2013

In late April, Sitka's Brian Knowles and Matt Deniston presented at the Conservation Coaches Network - Rally 2013 in Pine Mountain, Georgia. It was a privilege to attend this gathering of 150+ of the brightest minds and sincerest hearts in worldwide conservation -- from Australia to Peru, and Mongolia to Tanzania. The theme of the rally this year: "Learning, Connecting, Celebrating – Making a Difference"

Attendees of this gathering included thought leaders from organizations like The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Foundations of Success, Wildlife Conservation Society, Bush Heritage, The Jane Goodall Institute, RARE Conservation, Greening Australia, US Fish & Wildlife Servbice, US Agency for International Development, and many more. 

At the conference, Sitka partnered with client, Foundations of Success, and collaborator, The Nature Conservancy, to introduce Miradi Share, a new way to share, collaborate, and learn about conservation projects using a results-based conservation management approach, The Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation. You can see our Miradi session materials by visiting the conference website.


Miradi Share extends the existing Miradi desktop application by allowing program teams to: 

  • Create sibling projects based on a common program template
  • Update each other’s Miradi files, while tracking a version history
  • Analyze and roll-up data and create reports across sibling projects
  • Search for and learn from other teams’ work 


More on the Conservation Coaches Network

The Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet) is a global network of over 420 trained coaches covering six continents, 57 countries and 82 organizations. The mission of CCNet is to catalyze effective conservation across lands and waters worldwide by supporting sound action planning, coaching, knowledge sharing and innovation. A core goal of CCNet is to be a user-driven network where everyone speaks a common conservation language and can freely learn and share across cultures, geographies, languages, generations and disciplines in a non-hierarchical way.

See the Rally 2013 site for more info on the conference and its sessions.