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Miradi Share 1.0 Released

Over the past decade, thousands of leading natural resource organizations around the world have used Miradi desktop software to adaptively manage individual projects. With its launch announcement today, now Miradi Share 1.0 provides conservation directors with a cloud-based system to track the groups of projects that make up a program.

Miradi Share enables users to:

  • Collaborate More Effectively - Project teams quickly share information online with all stakeholders.

Bush Heritage Australia uses Miradi Share to manage a continent-wide portfolio of 35 land reserves. “In the past, we struggled to execute a full Adaptive Management loop in our projects because we had an information management problem” says Annette Stewart.  “With this system we can more easily extract information, report progress, and identify needed adaptations.  Miradi Share offers the glue that we needed.” 

  • Build Support - Managers roll-up individual project accomplishments to show overall program performance.
California Department of Fish and Wildlife developed individual project plans for 39 ecological units across the state as part of its 2015 State Wildlife Action Plan, the update.  “With Miradi we can develop conservation strategies for each region,” says Armand Gonzalez. “Now Miradi Share allows us to knit these strategies together to summarize broader landscape results while still showing how individual regions contribute to statewide performance goals."

  • Advance the Science of Conservation - Practitioners share their work so that we can all learn from one another. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and The Nature Conservancy have made hundreds of projects publicly available on Miradi Share.  And Miradi Share is now home to the Conservation Actions and Measures Library.  "In much the same way as the periodic table of elements is the basis of the science of chemistry,” states Nick Salafsky of the Conservation Measures Partnership, “this Actions Library will provide a key underpinning for the emerging science of conservation."

Check it out for yourself at or contact us for a guided tour.

Miradi Share is owned by Foundations of Success, who contracts with Sitka for application development and support.