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Tahoe Resource Conservation District Launches New, Interactive Monitoring Dashboard on

The Tahoe Resource Conservation District is one of the leaders in the effort to measure pollutants in urban runoff in the Lake Tahoe Basin. This effort, known as the Regional Storm Water Monitoring Program (RSWMP), is focused on evaluating the combined effectiveness of pollutant control measures while consistently tracking and reporting on the monitoring findings. 

After learning about the addition of the Stormwater Tools application to, Tahoe RCD contacted the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) about adding a Monitoring Dashboard to the platform. 

“The LT Info platform provided the ideal opportunity for us to showcase the results of the stormwater runoff monitoring we have been doing over the last four years,” noted Andrea Buxton, Stormwater Program Manager at the Tahoe RCD. “We want RSWMP data to be easily accessible to the local jurisdictions, the regulators, and the general public so that the positive effects of all the time and money spent on environmental improvement can be recognized.”

When the request from TRPA and Tahoe RCD to build the Monitoring Dashboard came in, we were excited to take this new project on. The continued growth of the LT Info platform is proof that our work is positively impacting the Tahoe Basin. Two months after the contract was signed, the new dashboard was up and running!

Monitoring DashboardThe Monitoring Dashboard retrieves data from the RSWMP Data Management System, developed by the Desert Research Institute and Geosyntec Consultants. Thanks to live data-sharing through seamless system-to-system connections, data flows from the physical monitoring systems is inspected for quality control and then made available in near real-time on LT Info.

If you are interested in learning more, please check out the related news update on the Tahoe RCD site.