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Our Sitka FlightPath Program with Columbia Land Trust Gets Some Great Coverage in Saving Land Magazine

If you check out page 8 of the current issue of Land Trust Alliance’s Saving Land Magazine, you’ll get to read about our pilot program with Columbia Land Trust.

In the article, High-Tech Way to See a Swamp, Ian Sinks from Columbia Land Trust shared, “It’s clear that digital terrain models from UAV flights offer an efficient and reasonably accurate way to monitor and measure changes on our lands. It’s a brave new world for land stewardship professionals, where today’s rapidly evolving technologies are helping restore natural habitats of the presettlement past.”

Devil’s Elbow UAV Flight

Since our initial work with Columbia Land Trust, we have flown a number of flights for other organizations, including The Nature Conservancy and Chelan County. If you’re ready to join this “brave new world” of UAV-based monitoring, let us know!

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